10 Basic Commands To Teach Your Pup

1 trainer

Training your puppy with basic commands helps build a strong bond and ensures their safety."

2. Sit

A crucial command that aids in managing your puppy in diverse scenarios.

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Stay: Essential for keeping your puppy in one place, especially in potentially dangerous situations.

3. Stay

Vital for recalling your pup back to you, ensuring their safety.

4. Come

Helps to calm your puppy and can be useful in various settings.

5. Down


1:45 PM

Important for preventing your pup from picking up dangerous or unwanted items.

6. Leave It


3:30 PM

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7. Drop It

Ensures your pup walks beside you, making walks more enjoyable and safe.

8: Heel


8:30 PM

Prevents your puppy from darting through doors or entering hazardous situations.

9. Wait



Assists in keeping your pup off furniture and discourages them from jumping on people.

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